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Vice Sport Grip Socks feature a lower calf fit to provide ankle support and maximum comfort.
Grip Socks are popular with all athletes and Vice Sport’s range of colours means you can match your kit or stand out from the crowd.
All Vice Sport Grip Socks feature:
Traction creating and anatomically designed grip pads on the sole that improve speed, acceleration and stability.
Breathable mesh on the upper foot that cools the foot to reduce odors.
Padded sole to reduce impact and friction injuries to feet and toes, including blisters, bruising and calluses.
Supportive fit to promote circulation and reduce muscle fatigue.
Durable construction that endures the toughest settings and holds up wash after wash.
Cutting edge design that delivers maximum comfort and flexibility.
Performance material blend of nylon, cotton, spandex and polyester.

SKU: 10000-103

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