The Eplon™+K12 material is used for the manufacturing of our powerful Prof-Line rackets. Due to the new processing technique of the carbon fibers, a material is created which has better and more effective mechanical qualities. Eplon™+K12 technology improves power transmission, ball control and vibration reduction. Oval Carbon fibers are spread into flat bands, which are much thinner than conventional carbon fibers. The result is a finer and denser grain structure, which has better mechanical properties and the ability to fit more material in the same space . This leads to reduction in the amount of material and less weight.


Nano-Eplon™ is a three-dimensional, nano-meter carbon mesh. This mesh is one of the stiffest materials ever manufactured. Its most noticeable qualities are extreme loss-free transfer of impulse and also stability. Nano-Eplon™ technology from OLIVER ensures the perfect combination of lightness, stability and power. The new 3D- Mesh is set in the sweetspot-zone, to enlarge the torsional rigidity and therefor increase power. The metacarbon and graphite lay-ups are strengthened in the process, without an increase of weight.


Metacarbon™, a fibre developed by OLIVER, enlarges the kilopond- pressure per mm², 4 times more than titan. Now, its possible to decrease the frame-density but ensure longer durability. Even though Metacarbon™ has a fundamental stiffness , the interaction with HSM-Resin ensures extraordinary expandability. The usage of Metacarbon™ also makes reduction of weight possible. The Metacarbon™-rackets offer optimal comfort, handling and vibration cushioning. This makes a dynamic and explosive game possible due to the improved power transmission, weight-reduction and durability

Highmodulus Graphite (T700)

Graphite is a carbon fibre, which is produced through oxidation of polyacrylnitril fibre. Graphite is 40 % lighter than glass fibre , five times stiffer and twice less likely to rupture . Highmodulus Graphite (T700) is finer than normal graphite and is produced by heating. The Highmodulus Graphite (T700) offers a greater hardness grade at the same weight. It’s the optimal material for High-Impact sport devices.

Concave System

The concave system gerenerates more power as a result of the specialised concave construction. The concave frame profile in the racket-head stretches the side-length and enlarges the sweetspot up to 8%.

COMPOSITE / Graphite

The shaft is made out of graphite fibre and the racket-head produced out of graphite mats coated by aluminium. These rackets are very durable. Weight: 180g. Ideal for beginners and hobby players.


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