"Different Rackets, for different people” Jack Oliver Adelaide /Australia

The Oliver Racket Company was founded in the year 1938 by Jack Oliver in Adelaide/Australia and was until the end of the 70s one of the most significant tennis and squash racket producers in Australia, New Zealand and US.

The revolutionary product development was especially favoured by young competitive athletes. In 1952, the Australian Tennis professional Frank Sedgmann won in one season “Wimbledon” and the US-Open with the legendary “BLUEBIRD” tennis racket. In the end of the 70s when the squash boom started , Juergen Bundschuh saw the possibility to establish this extraordinary brand in Europe. In the last 30 years, OLIVER managed to establish itself worldwide as one of the top brands for Squash and Badminton rackets and supplies.

The guiding principles of the OLIVER company philosophy were defined in Barcelona in 1982. In coproduction with the former world number 3, Stuart Davenport from New Zealand , the OLIVER "manual" was created. Until today we follow these guidelines:


A little less afraid to try something new and to take risks is what separate us from our numerous competitors. You may not call us market leaders, but we lead in product technology and in our efforts to establish and develop new designs and manufacturing techniques.OLIVER squash rackets are internationally recognized. Innovative materials such as Matacarbon ™, MCEplon ™, Nano-Eplon ™ and the round-grip-technology have set new standards in squash racket production. Individual squash rackets for every individual squash player type is the hallmark of OLIVER. Continuous quality control in our own production plants, optimization in the production process, extensive test sessions with top athletes, coaches and leisure players , monitoring the world market as well as the constant evolution of product lines made OLIVER one of the most important suppliers for Squash and Badminton.


Our tradition is our "red line". This tradition is reflected in our relationships with employers, distributors, suppliers and customers. We have been able to build long term relationships because they know that they have relied on OLIVER in the past and will be able to again in the future. If you commit yourself to taking risks you will make mistakes and when we make mistakes our tradition and principles are to go back , pick up the pieces and start again.Following the “red line” means it is not our target to be the number 1, 2 or 3 in the world market, but it is our ambitious effort to offer always high quality products which satisfy the requirements of individual competitive athletes and leisure players. The diversity of racket lines ensures that every player is able to choose his individual racket, which suits his playing style and ability perfectly .


Fashion for us is fun. We don`t take it too seriously and we really don´t expect our customers to take it too seriously. Our design efforts concentrate on bringing fresh ideas and designs to our customers on a regular basis . In fashion nothing is unique. We`ll settle for design that emphasizes our individual character.The creation of new design products, which often becomes a new world trend, distinguishes OLIVER. Our versatile and conceptual approaches are the basis for our constant progress . Our success and the approval of the market drives us to have more surprises ready for the future!


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