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COLOR: Grey / White

CORE: PP Honeycomb


SURFACE: Fiberglass

WEIGHT (G): 226g (Midweight)

LENGTH (MM): 406 mm

WIDTH (MM): 203 mm



Paddle Surface

Fiberglass is a bit more flexible than Carbon and provides more "pop".


This Delta paddle has a honeycomb core which is sandwiched between two layers of fiberglass. 

The Polypropylene Core is made of a plastic blend with large honeycomb cells which offer both control and power. This composite is widely used on aircraft flight control surfaces such as the rudder, aileron, spoiler and flap.

The Core thickness is 16mm which is considered to be a thick core.  Thick cores offer control over power and help absorb the shock of the pickleball whilst minimizing the twisting of the paddle in your hand.  Additionally, it offers more control, touch and consistency.  You get all the power you need as well as a more stable paddle.  This paddle is excellent for play at the net and volleys.

Handle Length

If you are not a tennis player who likes to use two hands on your back hand shot, you don’t require a long handle and it shouldn't be regarded when choosing a paddle.

If you like to have a finger on the paddle (similar to a table tennis paddle) then this handle length is perfect for you.

The Grip

Our standard grip is 110mm circumference, however we suggest using an overgrip or double grip if you require more cushioning.  The additional cushioning is helpful in absorbing some of the impact if you suffer joint pain such as arthritis or tennis elbow. It is also proven to reduce arm muscle fatigue.


The Delta XL Control is a midweight paddle, weighing in at 226g, which is a perfect combination of paddle speed and power.  Midweight paddles are recommended as an alternative to a heavier paddle if you suffer any elbow or joint pain.

Face Width:

The Delta has an ever so slightly wider face which offers a larger sweet spot than other shapes giving it comfort on every shot.

These paddles are USA Pickleball Association approved.

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